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Natural Insulation

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natural insulation

The Right Way to Go with Natural Insulation Services

Not all insulation is created equal, and an important consideration in choosing your insulation is how to minimize the environmental impact of your decision. There are many natural alternatives to standard, commercially manufactured insulation. Most natural insulation products fit into one of three groups:

Rigid and Semi-Rigid Insulation

Insulation made from wood or plant/based products which are either naturally solid or have been pressed into boards or panels are sound replacements for standard foam-board insulation. They are composed of zero or low percent of chemicals, and when disposed of, they get broken down easily and returned to the soil.

Flexible Insulation 

Creative alternatives to classic fiberglass batt insulation (which is itself made from recycled materials; however, it requires a large energy input to produce it) are made from cotton, flax and even sheep’s wool. Rolls of this natural product are commercially available and carry an advantage over other materials as they are able to continue to insulate well even after absorbing a high percentage of moisture (that’s why sheep wear it). 

Loose Fill Insulation

One common commercial product that is also an environmentally responsible choice is cellulose insulation. This product is made from recycled newspaper. It also comes treated with a fire retardant, so it is a safe insulation solution for your home. Additionally, loose-fill insulation has the benefit that it can be easily installed in hard-to-reach places, in order to better seal your home and keep out the heat.

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